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The High Impact Practice (HIP) Summary Dashboard displays summary statistics on the six major High Impact areas including Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad, Learning Communities, Experiential Learning, High Impact Designated Courses, and Capstone Courses. The dashboard reports on various data points including the number of undergraduates enrolled in at least one HIP, the number of HIP experiences per student, and graduation rates for HIP participants.

A new filter was rolled out last month which allows users to narrow down the results to show only students who are enrolled in a UCF Online major. The UCF Online office is looking forward to using this new filter to better understand how their students are engaging in high impact practices, which is one of the initiatives included in the UCF 5-year Strategic Plan.

The HIP Summary dashboard can be accessed on the IKM Insights Dashboards page:  Access is currently limited to UCF faculty and staff with a business need. To request access to any of the Insights Dashboards, please complete an IKM Security form: