Performance Funding

Performance Based Funding for the State University System (SUS) was approved by the Board of Governors (BOG) in January 2014. The model works by awarding funds to universities based on their performance in several predetermined metrics. For more information about Performance Based Funding please visit the FL BOG website.


UCF Metric Scores with Benchmarks

Performance Based Funding

Preeminent Metrics


SUS Performance Based Funding Scores and Updates


  • $560 million in total funding.


  • Replaced 6-year graduation rate metric with 4-year graduation rate.
  • Revised university access rate (percent of undergraduates with Pell Grant) metric benchmarks.
  • $560 million in total funding.


  • Revised percent of bachelor’s graduates enrolled or employed metric benchmarks.
  • Revised median wages of bachelor’s graduates employed full-time metric benchmarks.
  • Revised average cost to the student metric.
  • $520 million in total funding.


  • Moved from a 50- to a 100-point scale 10-metric model.
  • $500 million in total funding.


  • $400 million in total funding.


  • Approved by the FL BOG in January 2014,  includes a 10-metric model.
  • $200 million in total funding.


  • Florida BOG authorized the release of $20 million based on 3 specific goals for Florida’s public universities.