Strategic Support

Florida SUS Strategic Planning

The State University System of Florida has developed three tools that aid in guiding the System’s future.


1) The Board of Governors’ new Strategic Plan 2012-2025 is driven by goals and associated metrics that stake out where the System is headed;

2) The Board’s Annual Accountability Report provides yearly tracking for how the System is progressing toward its goals;

3) Institutional Work Plans connect the two and create an opportunity for greater dialogue relative to how each institution contributes to the System’s overall vision.


These three documents assist the Board with strategic planning and with setting short-, mid- and long-term goals. They also enhance the System’s commitment to accountability and driving improvements in three primary areas of focus: 1) academic quality, 2) operational efficiency, and 3) return on investment.

UCF Strategic Planning

For more information on UCF’s current strategic planning activities click here. UCF’s Collective Impact pdf can be downloaded here.

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