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AIP is excited to announce the launch of the Library Utilization tab, a new addition to our Library Dashboard. The new tab includes information that provides elevated user engagement and helps users make informed decisions.

The new tab furnishes users with a detailed portrayal of library space and service interaction points, enhancing their engagement and overall experience. The tab serves as a critical tool for our library staff, providing the necessary insights to refine services and allocate resources more effectively.

Some other key aspects of the Library Utilization tab include:

  • Concentrated Data Visualization: This tab provides an in-depth look into specific library interaction services and spaces including Consultations, Course Specific, Interlibrary Loans, Online Instruction and Workshops, Printing, Public Computer Logins, and Study Rooms.
  • Comprehensive Data Timeline: Incorporating both historical and current data, the tab facilitates a comprehensive analysis of usage trends and empowers a deeper comprehension of how our library resources are utilized over time.
  • Insightful Interaction Breakdown: By spotlighting crucial Interaction Types and Points, the tab ensures that our library’s resources are managed with precision and purpose.

Visit the Library Dashboard here.