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A new workshop designed to help faculty members find the data they need will be held in September. This workshop will focus on grade distribution data including DFW grades at the course level, and various dashboards highlighting High Impact Practices (HIP) at UCF. Although the topics covered in this workshop are geared towards faculty, you are not required to be a faculty member to attend.

The following dashboards will be covered in the workshop:

  • Grade Distribution
    • Tracks student grade performance at UCF.
    • Displays grades by term, course level, and course modality.
    • Filters are provided to view grades by section, college, department, or by General Education Program (GEP) course.
  • DFW Grades by UGRD Student Type
    • Compares rates of successful and unsuccessful course completion in Undergraduate-level courses for FTIC and Transfer students.
    • Includes all student attempts from the prior five (5) years.
    • Includes only credit-bearing courses (credits > 0).
  • HIP Dashboards
    • HIP Summary
      • Shows student demographics and participation trends in high impact practice (HIP) experiences.
      • All HIP experiences of students in a chosen group (college or major) can be viewed simultaneously and compared across academic year, graduation year, or HIP type.
    • Individual High Impact experiences
      • Capstone
      • Experiential Learning
      • High Impact Designated Courses
      • Learning Communities
      • Study Abroad
      • Undergraduate Research

These workshops will be hosted on September 18th from 3-4pm and September 21st from 2-3pm. UCF faculty and staff can enroll in a session for faculty members here.