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A new resource that will help UCF Advisors increase their efficiency when interacting with students will be rolled out later this month.

The Student Success dashboard incorporates elements of existing advising tools including EAB and Pegasus Path as well as course registration, holds, and other demographic data. AIP worked in collaboration with the office of Student Success and Well-Being, and a team of advisors to help shape the contents of this new dashboard.

The dashboard is divided into four main areas:

  • Student Search: An in-depth look at a chosen student’s program information, registration status, course history, holds, and several performance indicators chosen based on research conducted in the areas of graduation and retention
  • Graduation Risk: An overall snapshot of graduation likelihood that is filterable by college, cohorts, and other registration/graduation elements
  • Persistence Risk: An overall snapshot of persistence likelihood that is filterable by college, cohorts, and other registration elements
  • Hold Status: A comprehensive list of students with holds that is filterable by college, cohorts, and other hold and registration elements

Similar to the Student Success dashboard, the existing Retention Tracking dashboard also provides retention and graduation data related to registration activity. However, the Retention dashboard only displays data for the most recent four years.

Once it is live, the Student Success dashboard is scheduled to be refreshed daily to ensure advisors have access to the most up-to-date student information. Future additions to the Student Success dashboard will include EAB alerts and Canvas integrations.

This new tool will allow advisors to better guide students towards reaching their goals and achieving success at UCF. Because of the sensitive nature of the data contained in this new dashboard, access is reserved for UCF advisors and supporting staff.