Information Requests

The UCF Institutional Knowledge Management (IKM) office collects, analyzes and publishes official UCF data.

Published information including the Interactive Facts dashboards can be found using the links on the left. If you have reviewed the published data and still need additional information, please submit a data request by completing the appropriate form below.

Requests for data should be as specific as possible, including a desired due date and complete contact information. Please allow 10 working days for your request to be processed (every effort will be made to respond to earlier due dates for high priority requests). Please note that there may be a fee assessed for requests from entities outside of UCF.


Internal UCF Requests (to be completed by individuals and units within UCF) can be made by submitting the Institutional Data Request form.

Public Data Requests (to be completed by individuals and entities external to UCF) can be made by submitting the External Request form.