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IKM has had a long standing partnership with the College of Undergraduate Studies surrounding UCF’s High Impact Practices. What started as a need to track Undergraduate Research activity gradually evolved into the creation of an interactive dashboard that provided information on both student and faculty participants. This eventually grew into a robust set of dashboards for all High Impact Practices including Capstones, Designated Courses, Experiential Learning, Learning Communities, Study Abroad, and Undergraduate Research.

The data presented in the dashboards serves the UCF community in helping to monitor and track High Impact activity. The Division of Student Learning and Academic Success recently published a High Impact Practices fact sheet using data found in the HIP dashboards.

The HIP dashboards can be accessed on the IKM Insights Dashboards page:  Access is currently limited to UCF faculty and staff with a business need. To request access to any of the Insights Dashboards, please complete an IKM Security form: