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IKM is currently in the process of moving its on-premises data warehouse to a cloud-based solution which UCF has named the Data and Analytics Reporting Ecosystem (DARE). DARE was developed as part of the KnightVision project and works in conjunction with Workday.

The DARE environment will be powered by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services and will contain the capabilities for advanced big data storage, enhanced data manipulation, and the ability to perform other detailed analytics across the institution (Finance, HR, Research, Student, etc.) as needed.

IKM has been working on the planning phase with the UCF DARE team along with several consultants since March of 2022. This first phase included information gathering, architecture planning, data source access configuration, data profiling, data ingestion, and setting up design patterns to be used in building the functional groundwork. The second phase will start in the spring of 2023 and is expected to take about two months. Goals of the second phase include refining the ingested data and transforming the data into a new, more flexible structure.

Read more about DARE and stay up to date on the full implementation timeline here: