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UCF’s office of Experiential Learning’s mission is to develop and sustain quality opportunities through an inclusive environment that promotes collaboration between students, faculty, community and employer partners. The Experiential Learning dashboard was built to track and showcase the various experiences UCF students can complete outside of the classroom including clinicals, internships, co-ops, and practicums.

The recent addition of college work experience programs and non-credit internships allows viewers to get a more complete picture of the work being done by our students. This enhancement will allow the UCF community to better track participation in high impact practices (HIPs), which is one of the initiatives in the new UCF 5-year Strategic Plan.

The Experiential Learning dashboard can be accessed on the IKM Insights Dashboards page:  Access is currently limited to UCF faculty and staff with a business need. To request access to any of the Insights Dashboards, please complete an IKM Security form: