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We are excited to announce that Phase 2 of the Data and Analytics Reporting Ecosystem (DARE) project has been successfully completed. This marks a significant milestone in the journey to revolutionize data analytics and reporting at UCF!

With the completion of Phase 2, DARE has achieved key objectives that bring it to a fully functional state, empowering UCF with enhanced reporting, advanced analytics, and deeper data access. The following accomplishments were achieved:

  • Completed DARE’s Initial Data Footprint: Over 14TB of historical and operational data is now within DARE, providing a robust foundation for data-driven decision-making.
  • Streamlined Data Extraction and Ingestion: Numerous methods to extract and ingest data have been developed, ensuring seamless data flow into the system.
  • Efficient Data Delivery: Core processes have been designed to expedite data delivery, enabling quick access to crucial insights.
  • Seamless Tool Integration:  DARE can easily be connected to by popular tools such as PowerBI, empowering users to create rich interactive visualizations and in-depth analysis on well-formed data.
  • Governance and Oversight Policies: Implemented initial development of governance and oversight policies to ensure that DARE will meet the needs of the university.

DARE has been purposefully developed to address the ever-evolving analytics needs and challenges of our dynamic university. As an integrated platform leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology, DARE streamlines data operations, optimizes efficiency, and empowers users to create rich insights with data.

What’s Next for DARE:

The journey for DARE continues as we plan to expand its data footprint and identify key use cases that will harness its full potential for reporting and analytics. We are confident that DARE will become a critical tool for driving real informed decision-making across UCF.

To find more information about the DARE project and stay informed about the full implementation timeline, please visit the DARE page: