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An interactive tool that helps examine the quality and productivity of academic programs is now available to UCF faculty and staff members. UCF conducts in-depth reviews of each of its academic programs every seven years, in accordance with regulations established by the Florida Board of Governors. The primary purposes of these reviews is to develop recommendations leading to continuous program improvement. For more information on the program review process, please visit

The Academic Program Review dashboard is organized into multiple sections with filters for displaying results for the selected college, department, career, degree type, CIP code, plan and subplans when applicable. Sections are grouped by subject and include:

  • Executive Summary: Provides a recent 3-year snapshot of student enrollment, department student credit hours, degrees granted, faculty FTE, and contracts and grants
  • APR: Lists the program currently under review, including the year of next accreditation, year of last review, and accreditor
  • Enrollment: Summarizes enrollment (headcount) data that can be displayed by ethnicity, first generation status, full/part-time, gender, Pell eligible, student type, plan and subplan
  • Degrees: Displays counts of degrees awarded which can be viewed by areas of strategic emphasis, degree level, grad research, and honors in the major
  • Honors in Major: Summary of undergraduate Honors in the Major participation
  • Graduate Admissions: Provides a snapshot of graduate admissions data including acceptance and yield rates
  • SCH: Summarizes student credit hours that can be displayed by class size, course modality, level, or location
  • Courses: Counts course sections that can be displayed by class size, course modality, level, and location. The top 10 majors of students enrolled in courses offered by the department can also be viewed from this page.
  • Faculty: Summarizes faculty full-time equivalent (FTE) data that can be displayed by employee category, ethnicity, gender, new/returning, tenure status and type. The employee category can be further filtered for adjunct, faculty, GA/GRA, GTA, and post doc employees.
  • Contacts & Grants: Summarizes dollar value of awards and expenditures for contracts and grants. Also displays counts for new awards and incremental awards.

The Academic Program Review dashboard is updated in early Spring and late Summer. All full-time faculty and staff can access the dashboard from the Performance Monitoring section of the IKM Interactive Dashboards page.